PhD Programm

Initial Phase

Take these three steps to become a fellow of the Doctoral School in Education:

  1. Arrange for temporary supervision
  2. Enroll in a doctoral program
  3. Apply for a membership in the Doctoral School in Education

We look forward to doing research with you !

Main Phase

The research phase includes five steps:

  1. Development of an expose 
  2. Submission and presentation of the expose (public presentation at faculty)
  3. Conclusion of supervision agreement
  4. Annual progress reports
  5. Writing the dissertation

At all stages, your research is at the heart of our collaborative work at DSE.

Final Phase

You complete your doctorate with three steps:

  1. Submit dissertation
  2. Assessment
  3. Defensio

After the joint closing ceremony, we will be happy to stay in touch with you in the almuni program.